Friday, January 24, 2014

The mobile information revolution in Africa

Most of you are not techno dweebs like me.  However, we all need to understand the information revolution that is going on in Africa because, for those of us who work there, it will touch everything we do in major ways.  It is the same story in India.  Here are some easily accessible articles, the first from today on CNN.  Bottom line: almost everyone has a cell phone or access to one; the information platform (smart handsets and powerful mobile networks) are happening and happening fast.  This enables things we could only dream about before, most importantly in giving ordinary people access to information and knowledge to improve their well being, from agricultural information, to job listings, to personal vitality. 

Story from CNN today on the mobile explosion in Africa

From last fall, the smart phone is coming fast in Africa.  18% of the market last fall and moving up (as their price falls), just as the capacity of the networks is improving fast. 

And a broad look from 2012 on the 7 ways the mobile phone is changing Africa.  All still true, except much more

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